Sections of the journal

1. State and Law Theory. This section considers and examines the key points of forming and developing state and law theory, the influence individual legal acts have on further development of state and law theory, suggests new approaches and proposals to solve current problems of the modern theory of state and law.

2. Constitutional and international law. The section studies the legal nature of national and international institutions protecting human rights, issues of their legal regulation in legislation and law enforcement of the countries and integrated associations.

3. Administrative law. This section deals with different aspects of current regulation by administrative law, administrative procedures in different spheres and administrative responsibility.

4. Employment law and social security law. The section focuses on protection of labour rights, legal regulation of labour, social security, current problems of legislative regulation, law implementation activity and court practice on labour relations.

5. Civil law. The section publishes articles and analytical materials on material and procedural aspects of private legal relations: comments on the current legislation, characteristics of law implementation practice, assessment of arbitration courts’ activity, general jurisdiction courts’ activity and notary offices’ activity.

6. Criminal law and criminology. The section comprises the comments on current laws, analyses the problems of classifying crimes, contemporary criminal law policy and measures for counteracting crime.

7. Criminal procedure and forensics. The section reviews current problems of theory of criminal procedural law, forensics and crime detection. It covers the analysis and review of prosecutors’, investigative and judicial practice, interprets the Russian Constitutional and Russian Supreme Court view on criminal trial proceedings. 

8. Tribune of Young Scientists